About Me – Why I started this blog

Hello all, welcome to yet another personal finance blog….what’s going to be different about  my blog? Truth be told, I haven’t worked out my niche yet – I’m not a fabulous writer (although I have a few anecdotes and bad choices to share )…

So about me, firstly, I’m London based, so we’ll be talking in good old pounds sterling. I work as a freelance IT consultant, and am lucky enough to make good money.   I’m mid 30’s, have a pension, some investments, and a hefty mortgage.  I’m keen to ensure I do better with money, so I’m holding myself accountable here. I’ve been tracking my net worth for over a year, and have recently started reading up on investing – I want to make my money work better for me.  As I’m sharing all my gory financial details, I’m keeping the blog anonymous….

Similar to a lot of the population, I perform better with goals – real goals I believe in. Initially I’m aiming for a net worth of a million, as I started the blog with a net worth of £266k, this doesn’t seem too unachievable, especially since I am including my outer London home in the calculations.

I’m aiming to blog as I go along, and share my monthly net worth with commentary.

Here we go – wish me luck 🙂


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