Net Worth 6 – February 2015

Category Feb 2015 Jan 2015 Monthly Change Feb 2014 Annual Change
Cash £33,812 £38,933 -£5,121 £37,126 -£3,314
Investment (ISA) £17,453 £14,361 £3,092 £3,765 £13,688
Pension £69,350 £68,037 £1,313 £53,706 £15,644
Home £340,969 £340,969 £0 £289,000 £51,969
Car £3,000 £3,100 -£100 £4,200 -£1,200
TOTAL ASSETS £464,584 £465,400 -£816 £387,797 £76,787
Credit Card -£657 -£859 £202 -£5,537 £4,880
Mortgage -£158,758 -£159,272 £514 -£167,973 £9,215
HMRC Taxes -£9,500 -£24,273 £14,773 -£15,958 £6,458
TOTAL LIABILITIES -£168,915 -£184,404 £15,489 -£189,468 £20,553
NET WORTH £295,669 £280,996 £14,673 £198,329 £97,340


Wow, so near the £300k mark, but not quite there yet… as it was a dividend quarter, where I get money in, so financially things look rosy this month.

Loving the £97k differential from last year – hoping to try and maintain that going forwards. Looking under the bonnet into to the breakdowns, most of the money came from house price inflation….so this can’t be guaranteed or expected to continue. However I’m aiming to spend significantly less this year (less home improvements for one) and have an increase in income. Combining these factors, I’m hoping to get more invested to generate income in the future, and get a large rainy day fund going in Peer to Peer, my favourite savings vehicle at the moment.

Cash has gone down as expected, as finally had to part with a good old sum of money to the tax man. Managed to hold onto it for as long as possible, to maximise the interest, so all’s good.





5 thoughts on “Net Worth 6 – February 2015

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  2. Your situation is very similar to ours, especially with the house. We paid about £290k and now it’s worth £385k on a mortgage of around £153k. Really shocking, the house prices! How can first time buyers ever afford it?!


    • Good to hear from you – house prices are always such a contentious subject – compared to baby boomer house price rises we’ve not done so well, yet compared to people starting today we’re miles ahead…


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