December 2014 Spending….. £4,523



And for the end of the year, it’s finally good to see my monthly spending coming down – and more to the point, it’s reassuring that the main categories are ‘good’ expenditure like investments into my NISA (which I’m on track to fill up by the end of the tax year) and my mortgage coming second, cause you always need somewhere to live.

Which means that the home improvements are quietening down, not to say that the house is finished, but I’m not planning any more big expenditures until I have cash available March/April time.

I’m a bit embarrassed at how much I spent eating/drinking out in December – £309! Looking at the figures in black and white it seems outrageous, and definitely one I want to reign in in January.  I need to be taking lunch to work every day, putting healthy snacks in my handbag and stop buying coffees when out. Also worth moderating my alcohol consumptions, which was seasonally high in December.


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