Net Worth 5 – January 2015

Category Jan 2015 Dec 2014 Monthly Change Jan 2014 Annual Change
Cash £38,933 £42,453 -£3,520 £39,125 -£192
Investment (ISA) £14,361 £12,111 £2,250 £3,675 £10,686
Pension £68,037 £68,404 -£367 £53,589 £14,448
Home £340,969 £336,226 £4,743 £289,000 £51,969
Car £3,100 £3,200 -£100 £4,300 -£1,200
TOTAL ASSETS £465,400 £462,394 £3,006 £389,689 £75,711
Credit Card -£859 -£1,528 £669 -£5,731 £4,872
Mortgage -£159,272 -£159,844 £572 -£168,932 £9,660
HMRC Taxes -£24,273 -£24,273 £0 -£15,958 -£8,315
TOTAL LIABILITIES -£184,404 -£185,645 £1,241 -£190,621 £6,217
NET WORTH £280,996 £276,749 £4,247 £199,068 £81,928


And it’s a good start to the new year, with an increasing net worth trend in a month with minimal income.

January’s a month where I’ll get my quarterly income (yippee) and also have to part with my tax money, as I’ve got £20k due by the end of the month, which was earning me some interest in the mean time.

As for the rest of the year, I know the amazing house price rises we’ve seen will start levelling off, I’m not too worried about them falling as I’m in outer London, and houses are still selling quickly round here.

I’m hoping the stock market picks up, my FTSE trackers have taken a bit of a battering lately, especially in my pension, but as I’m a passive investor, I’ve just rebalanced and will sit back and let the markets do their thing.

On track to get the ISA filled up the end of the tax year, then to fill next years up month by month – I do get paid quarterly, but I’m a big believer in dollar cost averaging, so I’ll drip feed the money in. I’m also going to save more in peer to peer lending (Ratesetter is my current choice), both for next years taxes, and for some rainy day savings.


December 2014 Spending….. £4,523



And for the end of the year, it’s finally good to see my monthly spending coming down – and more to the point, it’s reassuring that the main categories are ‘good’ expenditure like investments into my NISA (which I’m on track to fill up by the end of the tax year) and my mortgage coming second, cause you always need somewhere to live.

Which means that the home improvements are quietening down, not to say that the house is finished, but I’m not planning any more big expenditures until I have cash available March/April time.

I’m a bit embarrassed at how much I spent eating/drinking out in December – £309! Looking at the figures in black and white it seems outrageous, and definitely one I want to reign in in January.  I need to be taking lunch to work every day, putting healthy snacks in my handbag and stop buying coffees when out. Also worth moderating my alcohol consumptions, which was seasonally high in December.