Net Worth 4 – December 2014

Category Dec 2014 Nov 2014 Monthly Change Dec 2013 Annual Change
Cash £42,453 £46,435 -£3,982 £23,672 £18,781
Investment (ISA) £12,111 £10,321 £1,790 £3,376 £8,735
Pension £68,404 £65,322 £3,082 £52,959 £15,445
Home £336,226 £336,226 £0 £277,000 £59,226
Car £3,200 £3,300 -£100 £4,400 -£1,200
TOTAL ASSETS £462,394 £461,604 £790 £361,407 £100,987
Credit Card -£1,528 -£247 -£1,281 -£6,446 £4,918
Mortgage -£159,844 -£160,288 £444 -£169,845 £10,001
HMRC Taxes -£24,273 -£24,273 £0 -£9,205 -£15,068
TOTAL LIABILITIES -£185,645 -£184,808 -£837 -£185,496 -£149
NET WORTH £276,749 £276,796 -£47 £175,911 £100,838


It’s another month where I don’t get much coming in, which lets me see how I’m doing month to month as the cash stockpile empties. As expected a fair few grand of cash has been used to fund home improvements and day to day expenses.

I’m finding it fascinating to see how well investments & pensions are doing, and how they are keeping my net worth stable despite all the spending. I’m realising I need to start investing more, and generating myself more passive income, as I don’t want to work forever.

One reason I include last years results, is I like seeing how I’m progressing – and seeing if I can keep the £100k differential going year after year. Realistically, as a fair chunk of it’s from the London property market doing it’s magic I don’t think it’s achievable long term, unless I start sacrificing things like holidays.

And January’s coming round, when I have to say goodbye to some of my stash and give it over to Hector – I’ve got about 20k due to be paid in January – I’m just grateful I’ve been able to keep it a bit longer and get some extra interest for myself.


2 thoughts on “Net Worth 4 – December 2014

  1. Congrats on keeping the £100k difference YOY. I know exactly where you’re coming from on Pension/investment success leading to motivation. The more I invest and the longer I do this the more exciting I find it all. It’s so rewarding watching the income stack up. Bring on FI!

    All the best!


    • Thanks Huw – I’m so striving towards the balance of FI & enjoying life… keeping the investments growing and growing.


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