Net Worth 4 – December 2014

Category Dec 2014 Nov 2014 Monthly Change Dec 2013 Annual Change
Cash £42,453 £46,435 -£3,982 £23,672 £18,781
Investment (ISA) £12,111 £10,321 £1,790 £3,376 £8,735
Pension £68,404 £65,322 £3,082 £52,959 £15,445
Home £336,226 £336,226 £0 £277,000 £59,226
Car £3,200 £3,300 -£100 £4,400 -£1,200
TOTAL ASSETS £462,394 £461,604 £790 £361,407 £100,987
Credit Card -£1,528 -£247 -£1,281 -£6,446 £4,918
Mortgage -£159,844 -£160,288 £444 -£169,845 £10,001
HMRC Taxes -£24,273 -£24,273 £0 -£9,205 -£15,068
TOTAL LIABILITIES -£185,645 -£184,808 -£837 -£185,496 -£149
NET WORTH £276,749 £276,796 -£47 £175,911 £100,838


It’s another month where I don’t get much coming in, which lets me see how I’m doing month to month as the cash stockpile empties. As expected a fair few grand of cash has been used to fund home improvements and day to day expenses.

I’m finding it fascinating to see how well investments & pensions are doing, and how they are keeping my net worth stable despite all the spending. I’m realising I need to start investing more, and generating myself more passive income, as I don’t want to work forever.

One reason I include last years results, is I like seeing how I’m progressing – and seeing if I can keep the £100k differential going year after year. Realistically, as a fair chunk of it’s from the London property market doing it’s magic I don’t think it’s achievable long term, unless I start sacrificing things like holidays.

And January’s coming round, when I have to say goodbye to some of my stash and give it over to Hector – I’ve got about 20k due to be paid in January – I’m just grateful I’ve been able to keep it a bit longer and get some extra interest for myself.


November 2014 Spending……. £6,528

November 2014



Another month when the funds have just flown out of my bank account.

However we have good news this month, as the biggest “spending” item is investments into my NISA – aiming to see if I can fill it up this tax year.

Work’s still ongoing with the floor installation, hence the high home spending, which is really improvements. And a few buy it for life purchases, some Black friday deals on Le Creuset which I couldn’t really resist as they will last forever, they are so rarely reduced and they make me very happy 🙂