September 2014 Spending……£3,951

September 2014

Well, my second month tracking my spending has certainly been another eye opener…. there is a clear difference between what I though I spent, what my (very flexible) budget says and what I actually spent. And yes, you guessed it – what I actually spent was considerably more.

Overall I’m happy that most of my money has gone on “sensible” things this month – Mortgage payments (yes they are massive), investments into my NISA, and mortgage overpayments. So I feel virtuous and *good* in this regards.

What’s beginning to become apparent, it how all the other items start adding up, and a few bulk purchases/replacements can really add up to a substantial amount of funds.

I do however subscribe to the paying it forward belief, some of the future purchases I’ve made will come to fruition later in the year and next year, and will give me loads of anticipation looking forward to them, and ultimately will be cheaper overall.

And onwards to October, when I’m away for a mega holiday, so I don’t expect much improvement in the spending.





15 thoughts on “September 2014 Spending……£3,951

  1. Penpals – 3.64%! I didn’t know that people still wrote letters to their penpals! This was one of my favourite hobbies during my teenage years (no internet in those days!) – spent a fortune on stamps and stationery!


    • Hi Weenie, hope you are keeping well.

      Have to admit I have some really old-fashioned hobbies. I’ve had foreign penpals on and off through the years. Postage isn’t cheap nowadays, and seems to be going up and up each year.

      I’m also a regular postcrosser nothing beats coming home and finding some inspiring well picked postcards waiting for you – simple things bring such jiy and insight into other people and cultures.

      Do you ever think about getting back into it?


      • Hi GFC, I’ve written a couple of letters to my 7 year old niece, not quite penfriend and she’s written back so it’s something different for her! I do miss sending (and receiving) postcards – can’t remember the last time I sent one. Perhaps I’ll try to send one on my holidays next year!

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    • Hey Guy, yeah more than happy to add more details, as I’m blogging anonymously.

      It all starts with the fact the I’m not doing too badly at the moment, so essentials are say a quarter of my income.

      As for energy bills, mine are quite high as I’ve got an older semi detached house that isn’t exactly energy efficient, and I’ve got an aga. So I consider my energy bills as extravagant!

      Maybe it’s just the world I live in, and I appreciate this will be really different from those on the breadline- benefits or minimum wage, but I’d say lots of people spend much more on hobbies than their energy bills.

      Anyway, I’ve chosen to separate out my hobbies/ entertainment into various categories that I’m interested in tracking personally.

      Fitness was chosen as I’m tracking how much I spend on equipment for home, to see how this compares against a gym. Gym memberships here have terrible 1 year minimum contracts, and range from £50 for the not so nice and not convenient council gym, to £120 for the nice one each month. I’ve been including purchases such as free weights, stability ball here – as well as entry fees for next years Edinburgh marathon (I need something to push me), workout clothes etc. Fitness is a relatively new thing for me, so I’m keen to see how much it costs.

      I’ve gone into pen pals in Weenies comment above – simply this gives me pleasure and a simple kind of connection and enjoyment. I put postage costs, stationary/postcards and stamps in here. As people like getting interesting stamps, I buy a massive batch of them from the main post office when I’ve got the time – they usually last a good few months… however I usually blow £100 in a go… like I did this month.

      Theatre’s another passion I spend loads on – I like to go two or three times a week, and even with cheapo tickets it’s not a frugal hobbies. However it is cheaper than the cinema, especially central London cinemas.

      So, I suppose as a summary – I do spend a lot on things that matter to me, if that makes sense?

      Does that sort if answer your question Guy?


    • Evening, I love the bubble chart too – it comes with the free expense tracking app Toschl and I have to admit it makes tracking fun and addictive

      I’ve elaborated on my splurges above…I’d forgotten how although everyone knows what penpals are and perhaps had one pre internet – it can seem like an antiquated hobby in the 21st century.


  2. I’m digging your bubble graphic! My mortgage would be a gigantic monster bubble if I made one of those :). Kudos to you for tracking everything so closely. I learn something new every month by analyzing our spending to the cent.


  3. Tracking your spending will definitely open your eyes to some things….I remember being shocked by how much we spent on eating out when we first started tracking our spending. I heard a great saying recently that I absolutely love – “You can’t change what you don’t track.” 🙂


    • Thanks Travis – that’s a good saying. I know I had a rough idea of what I was spending before, but I didn’t really understand the breakdown. I’m shocked I don’t spend more on eating out, but then amazed at how much I spend on hobbies.


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