Net Worth 2 – October 2014


Category Oct 2014 Sep 2014 Monthly Change Oct 2013 Annual Change
Cash £35,640 £40,181 -£4,541 £33,156 £2,484
Investment (ISA) £8,202 £7,118 £1,084 £2,132 £6,070
Pension £63,645 £61,821 £1,824 £51,968 £11,677
Home £336,226 £335,666 £560 £277,000 £59,226
Car £3,400 £3,500 -£100 £4,600 -£1,200
TOTAL ASSETS £447,113 £449,840 -£2,727 £368,856 £78,257
Credit Card -£1,049 -£3,104 £2,055 -£5,500 £4,451
Mortgage -£160,807 -£161,262 £455 -£171,736 £10,929
HMRC Taxes -£19,273 -£19,273 £0 -£7,798 -£11,475
TOTAL LIABILITIES -£181,129 -£183,639 £2,510 -£185,034 £3,905
NET WORTH £265,984 £266,201 -£217 £183,822 £82,162


Key Thoughts in review:

  • My cash situation is getting a bit low, as some of the cash is in P2P, ISA and notice accounts, and lots is earmarked for the taxman in January.
  • Overall a minor decrease (£200) from last month, which is exactly as expected as most of my money comes in quarterly
  • The rampant house price inflation has cooled down now, only £560 appreciation in the last quarter, which feels right
  • Investments didn’t do too well as the markets are down (I’m invested in index funds),
    • But what a perfect time for my first month of less mortgage overpaying and more investing
    • I think it’s a good sign that was the right time to be making this change
  • Happy with 2014 progress
    • I’ve got more expensive home improvements next month – finally getting flooring, so the evil carpet /bare floorboards will be things of the past
    • Also a holiday (which also means I’ll not be earning) , so I’m not expecting large gains for the last quarter in net worth, would be happy to remain roughly constant
    • I’ll need to rein in spending/home improvements/holidays in the first quarter 2015 to ensure I can top my NISA up to the limit this tax year





September 2014 Spending……£3,951

September 2014

Well, my second month tracking my spending has certainly been another eye opener…. there is a clear difference between what I though I spent, what my (very flexible) budget says and what I actually spent. And yes, you guessed it – what I actually spent was considerably more.

Overall I’m happy that most of my money has gone on “sensible” things this month – Mortgage payments (yes they are massive), investments into my NISA, and mortgage overpayments. So I feel virtuous and *good* in this regards.

What’s beginning to become apparent, it how all the other items start adding up, and a few bulk purchases/replacements can really add up to a substantial amount of funds.

I do however subscribe to the paying it forward belief, some of the future purchases I’ve made will come to fruition later in the year and next year, and will give me loads of anticipation looking forward to them, and ultimately will be cheaper overall.

And onwards to October, when I’m away for a mega holiday, so I don’t expect much improvement in the spending.