August 2014 Spending…… £5,632 gulp

August Spending Breakdown

An eye opening first month’s spending diary for me…..and it’s been a dramatic start for the diary, with £5,632 spent in this month alone.

As you can see above, most of this was on travel, to pay for a dream holiday in October… a jaunt to Peru/Bolivia to see the Amazon, do the Inca Trail, see Lake Titicaca and much more. An indulgence, but well worth the money.

After spending heaps on travel…… I’m pleased to see the next things I spent money on were mortgage payments and investments into my NISA, which makes me feel virtuous again.

Will I continue to track my spending?  Oh yes, it’s fascinating to see it all laid out where my money actually goes….this could become addictive (and I love the Toshl graphics).







10 thoughts on “August 2014 Spending…… £5,632 gulp

  1. Big spending but what an awesome trip you have planned – I agree, well worth the money! Trips like that I hope I’d be able to take when I’m retired, though I’d be on a tighter budget, haha!

    That’s a great graphic you have there to display your expenses. I’m only loosely tracking my own spending at the moment, I’ve tracked properly in the past and found it a real chore, although I love reading about other people tracking their spending – a bit weird, eh?


    • Ooh, I love a good holiday – where are you off to in 2015? I find the planning and anticipation makes is almost as much fun as the going away 🙂


    • Thanks Justin – yes it’s buying a lot of fun, an amazing holiday to explore a new part of the world. Although the big payment was due this month, it was budgeted for as my main holiday of the year and is really an annual expenditure.

      It’s getting quite addictive tracking my spending, and it really makes me think before getting my purse out – do I want this enough to log & categorise it?


    • Thanks Martin – it’s interesting the different ways we decide to count and categorise our expenses.

      I like to include itesm like my mortgage payments and ISA, so I know how much of my spending they are, and so I can track my monthly investments. I only don’t include my pension as this is paid directly by my company, and never touches my bank account.


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