How I’m going to get there

Welcome to my blog – as part of my new philosophy of  “Good Financial Choices” I want to improve my finances, by making good solid choices that will take me to my ultimate goals.

I’ve got the long term goal to grow my net work to £1,000,000 , and I’m going to set my first mini-goal now. This mini-goal will help me toward the main goal, and is a SMART Goal. Now I’m committing to it publicly.

First Goal

  • Put the full £15k in my ISA this tax year (by April 2014)

In order to meet this goal, I’ve got some simple plans to enable me to make the right choices.

Simple Plans:

  • Now I’m under the 60% LTV on my mortgage, no more overpaying mortgage, instead all the money will go into my ISA
    • I’ve been overpaying £500 a month to my mortgage, this will be diverted from October
    • Also ensure I re-mortgage to a lower interest rate (now I’m under 60% LTV)
  • Keeping paying £1k a month into my pension, and increase with any increased contract rate (pay rise)
  • Learn more about investing, to ensure my money is working as hard as it can for me
  • Frugal-ness – my spending has increased recently, have a look at what can be trimmed and invested instead
    • I need to challenge myself more, and do the ‘Do I really need this’ test
    • Find more frugal days out and ways to socialise without spending money




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